Fundraising Success

Recent things we bought with the funds raised:

Resurfacing of the all season courts. These are used during PE  lessons, lunch, break times and after school activities with the inevitable result of wear and tear from feet and weather. Two are currently unusable and we are keen to get them back in action for everyone to use as soon as possible. Let's help the next Andy Murray or Williams sister ! 

New Outdoor Green Gym equipment. The school were successful with an application for funding towards some of these and Friends of Priory matched  this to double the amount of equipment the school could buy. Thanks to your help in making it happen it's now in use every day and hugely appreciated. Here's to some superfit kids! 

The Food Prep and Nutrition classroom needed a new fridge and we were very happy to cover the costs of that. We look forward to more delicious and often interesting results....

The purchase of GCSE History and GCSE Computer Science books was supported by Friends of Priory for the upcoming terms.

Contributions to the new Computer Suite took a few years of fundraising to achieve the goal but we got there and are delighted to see the results.. 

Recent fundarising events: 

Grimm's Fairy Tales at Priory School July 2017

 Priory pupils presneted another wonderful production - this time it was a selection of amazing tales from the Brothers Grimm. The bar did stirling work as ever - many thanks to everyone who helped make it such a success.



Christmas 2016 


Our chrismas raffle in 2016 made a fantastic £588 profit!  It couldn't be done without our fantastic donations including those from:

In2wild Festival
Lazzati- Famiglia Lewes
East Sussex National Hotel
Chambers Bistro Shoreham and The House Restaurant Brighton
The Brewers Arms Lewes
The Panda Garden Lewes
LaPortes Café Lewes
All Saints Cinema Lewes
Intersport Lewes
Waitrose Lewes
Tesco Lewes
Steamer Trading
Itimber Lewes
W.E Clark and Sons Lewes
Tinc Brighton

Not forgetting all the fabulous donations and support from Priory parents – THANK YOU

Tom Reeves Photography evening

 Reeves evening 2016

Fun had and things discovered in June 2016 as Friends of Priory dressed up as Edwardians, courtesy of Gladrags, and made £ 921! 




"Feed Me! Feed Me Nowwwww!" Audrey II along with a great cast from Priory brought tthe house down in 2016. 


Bugsy MaloneWe've counted the dough from the Bugsy Malone speakeasy and it comes to a very respectable £1,862.50! So a huge thank you to all who helped and especially to all of you who came along and splurged!


Outdoor Shelters

The new committee is now in place and has been able to allocate a whopping £12,000 towards the building of the new outdoor shelters - a very welcome addition to the life of the school.

 Shelters 1Shelters 2

Previous fundraising has contributed towards:

  • Funding the cost of the subscription to Link Ethiopia to kickstart the school link project
  • Art Exhibition equipment and frames
  • CAMM 1 Plotter – Laser Cutter and Extraction for the Design Technology Department


  • Quizdom Audience response System


  • Training for Student Leaders
  • I Can Present green-screen technology
  • Art Exhibition equipment and frames
  • Additional PSHE teaching materials
  • Additional Foundation learning teaching materials