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clothes on hangers

The Great Clean-up Clothes Swap!

Where can you get (almost) free clothes, have loads of fun with your friends, nibble cake AND save the planet all in one place?
The Great Clean-up Clothes Swap!
Join us on Wednesday 29th June at 3:30-5:30pm in the DINING HALL for a bit of clothes-swapping (instead of shopping) and help clean up the planet by keeping clothes in circulation.
Here’s how it works:

  1. Get yourself a £l ticket in advance from reception or on the door (cash only)
  2. Go through your wardrobe and gather any good condition clothing that you don’t wear anymore (please only bring nice clothes that someone else will want)
  3. Drop off your bag of swaps beforehand at reception, or bring them with you on the day
  4. Come to the Dining Hall after school on Wednesday 29th
  5. Eat cake, have fun with your friends and take home some new-to-you clothes!
  6. Feel smug about being an amazing eco warrior.

Meet the Parents & Carers!

Years 7 & 8 Summer Social

Friday 15th July 6-8pm

Meat & Vegan BBQ. Ice cream van. Sweet Treats & Bar (all to be paid for on the night).
At: School Field, Priory School Lewes (use student entrance).

Booking Essential!!
Free entry but you MUST have a ticket.
Book tickets and order BBQ food on:
Booking closes 9pm on Monday 11th July.

KIDS WELCOME TOO (if accompanied by adults)

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Tesco Community Grants

Tesco Community Grants: Thank you for Voting for us!

We are delighted to let you know that following the Tesco Community Grant vote in our local Tesco stores, our project came First and has been chosen by Tesco Customers to receive a grant award of £1,500.00!  The grant will be used to support those students who are financially disadvantaged to buy their dt practical food ingredients.

Voting was held at Tesco stores between Saturday 1st January and Thursday 31st March and proved to be very successful with millions of votes being cast by Tesco Customers across the UK.

New Autism Facility – Outdoor Space

New Autism Facility – Outdoor Space

Friends of Priory have helped to fund this new space, thank to your generous support of the Xmas raffle and all other fundraising activities. The facility is now finished and ready for the young people to enjoy.

Many, many thanks to everyone involved in supporting us in creating our outside space. It is secure, private and provides our students with a much needed sensory outlet. We are currently using the space in order to offer an outside sensory circuit , a private space for PE lessons and a safe environment for break and lunchtime. 

Many, many thanks from us all.

Teresa Russell – Autism Lead Teacher

New Science Labs

This summer the school undertook the refurbishment of three of its science labs, so that the students returning in September are now able to use the brand new facilities, including equipment such as the mobile fume cupboard with docking stations which allows it to be used in different labs so that more students benefit.

None of this would have been possible without the support of Friends of Priory who donated £15,000, The Fonthill Foundation donated £3,000 and The Armourers and Brasiers Gauntlet Trust £1,000, as well as £3,000 being raised from the sale of the old furniture. 

The new labs were officially opened on Friday 18th October 2019. The pictures below show (left) Tony Smith receiving the money from Friends of Priory, represented by Jim Endersby (chair) and Liz Webb (secretary); and (right) Jim thanking Ceetah (CEO of the Fonthill Foundation) who provided Priory with £3,000 towards the mobile fume cupboard.


New Science Lab
Tony, Jim and Liz
Tony Smith (left) receiving money from Friends of Priory chair (Jim Endersby) and secretary (Liz Webb)

Committed to Giving

Over the past 7.5 years, we have raised an amazing £68,000 from monthly
contributions to the school since we launched this Committed to Giving campaign. If you would like to know more, please download the latest letter from Priory's headteacher, Tony Smith, which explains how you can join in.

Would you like to get involved? You can find details of future (online) committee meetings on the events calendar.