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Online Christmas Raffle success!


Many thanks to everyone who took part in this year’s Christmas  TEXT Raffle, it was a huge learning curve. However we are delighted that we managed to raise a staggering £700 which will go towards our outdoor area for the Autism Facility.  We must also say a massive thank you to all the local businesses and parents which were so generous in donating a raffle prize,  particularly in light of the difficult year businesses faced - we had a record number of prizes  - So thank you!

And, as an added bonus, we were delighted to receive £333.00 from the Waitrose Community Cause December pot!

And wishing you all a happy and healthy 2021!

Many thanks to our Generous Donors….

  • W.E Clark and sons
  • Tates of Sussex
  • Waitrose
  • Tesco
  • Intersport
  • 360 Botanics
  • Auricula
  • Baltica
  • Andrea Eserin
  • Lewes Garden Centre
  • Infinity Foods
  • Heaven Farm
  • Fishers Farm Park
  • Godstone Farm
  • Gunsnposies Bakery
  • Gunsnposies Jewellery
  • Bambino
  • Washbrookes Farm
  • Monkey Bizness
  • Branching out
  • And various parental donations

Thank you all!

Standing Together

Standing Together With Priory School

Christmas Market

Fundraising has been particularly difficult this year but now more than ever your support is so important. We can’t run our usual Christmas events so we are launching an Online Christmas Market supporting amazing local businesses by giving them opportunity to advertise their fantastic products.
Head over to our Facebook page @FriendsofPriorySchoolLewes and join the Christmas Market Group. Also see details on our Instagram page @fop_christmas_market_2020

Xmas market

Making space for autistic students

Building is underway on the school's new Autism Facility, which has been funded by  East Sussex County Council this will open in January 2021 for up to 12 students. 

However there is a shortfall and there is no funding available to complete the outside space between the facility and the music block (as you can see from the photo; it really needs some work!). We would like to create an enclosed space with safety surfaces which can then be used by the students for outside learning, along with times of recreation – break and lunchtime.  This is very exciting and will benefit these students this side of the county as previously there was a lack of provision for secondary children with Autism.

The funding target for the completion of this project is £10,000 and our upcoming events will be part of this fundraising project.  In December Waitrose have chosen us to be one of their 3 charities for the month so each time you shop please put a token in for us, and encourage friends and families to give us their support – every token really does make a difference.


Would you like to get involved? You can find details of future (online) committee meetings on the events calendar.

ZX Spectrum

Old computers wanted!

We in Computing are in the process of transforming our cupboard into a treasure trove of computers from years gone by to enrich the computing education of all of our students!
Therefore we humbly ask for any old computers that you may be willing to donate to the school for this purpose.
We are especially looking for:

  • Commodore 64
  • Amiga (any variety)
  • BBC Micro
  • Spectrum ZX
  • Atari ST
  • Or anything else from this era!

Any donations would be most gratefully received and would really go a long way towards bringing computing to life for our students!

New Science Labs

This summer the school undertook the refurbishment of three of its science labs, so that the students returning in September are now able to use the brand new facilities, including equipment such as the mobile fume cupboard with docking stations which allows it to be used in different labs so that more students benefit.

None of this would have been possible without the support of Friends of Priory who donated £15,000, The Fonthill Foundation donated £3,000 and The Armourers and Brasiers Gauntlet Trust £1,000, as well as £3,000 being raised from the sale of the old furniture. 

The new labs were officially opened on Friday 18th October 2019. The pictures below show (left) Tony Smith receiving the money from Friends of Priory, represented by Jim Endersby (chair) and Liz Webb (secretary); and (right) Jim thanking Ceetah (CEO of the Fonthill Foundation) who provided Priory with £3,000 towards the mobile fume cupboard.


New Science Lab

Changes in the way in which the government allocates funding have resulted in Priory School facing increasing budget uncertainties and lower levels of funding per-pupil. For this reason, Friends of Priory and Headmaster Tony Smith invite you to consider helping to support the school by making a regular donation. Over the past five and a half years, we have raised an amazing £46,901.25 from monthly contributions to the school.

If we were to receive £2.50 a week (£10 per month) from each household we would raise £96,000 a year. These are large sums of money. Please help us make them real. Find out more about why your school needs you here.

Make a committment and complete a direct debit instruction or donate online