Enhancing our school

All donations made to Friends of Priory provide our children with improved facilities and resources all of which enhance their enjoyment of learning and provide the most stimulating environments for them to explore and expand their talents

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New Science Labs

Over the summer of 2019 the school undertook the refurbishment of three of its science labs, so that the students returning in September are now able to use the brand new facilities, including equipment such as the mobile fume cupboard with docking stations which allows it to be used in different labs so that more students benefit.

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Historical novels

With support from funds raised by parents, the Friends will be buying complete sets of historical novels to support individual learning.

The books will be held in the library,

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3D printing

Funds raised and donated to the Friends of Priory have enabled the school to purchase a new laser scanner which will mean children can scan 3D models and print them in 3D - it is wonderful to be able to provide such advanced equipment!

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Food Prep Rooms

Over the summer in 2018 the two old and delapidated Food and Nutrition Rooms were fully refurbished with brand new work stations, new cookers and equipment. With the help from all those who support Friends of Priory, every pupil now benefits from the much improved facilities.

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New gym equipment

The school were successful with an application for funding towards brand new green gym equipment and with matched funds from Friends of Priory the school was able to buy double the equipment! Thanks to your help it's in use every day and hugely appreciated. 

Here's to some superfit kids! 

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Outdoor improvements

Recent years have seen many improvements to the outdoor facilities and equipment.  One of the earliest projects included an allocation of a whopping ¬£12,000 towards the building of the new outdoor shelters - a very welcome addition to the life of the school. 

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